Greetings Traveller

Hello World! Been playing a lot of Hearthstone recently and fallen in, equal parts, love and hate with it.

I’m not one to usually play online against opponents but, hell, that’s kinda the point of the game. 

Over the years my friends have told me about toxic game communities but by god they didn’t prepare me for the shower of arseholes you encounter. The fact that some players can make such innocent emotes as, “thank you” and “Well Played” into snarky affronts that induce tablet chucking levels of annoyance is beyond belief!

To all the decent players out there, the ones who greet you at the start of the match and offer a “Well Played” at the end regardless of whether they have won or lost, may I thank you for making playing ranked bearable.  To Blizzard, just take the poxy emotes away, if only to save my now battered iPad from further harm. 

Rant over.

Till next time!